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2011. április 2., szombat

Március 18-i interjú utolsó része angolul

RP: I hope. In the movie, they'll read and dub down my voice, just imagine, happening all this, I'm saying different words...
I: Voiced by Glenn Close – Robert Pattinson.
RP: Someone I should talk about, like, Grace L???.
I: Ending up ... ??? It won't happen to you again. Don't worry.
RP: Grace L??? When I was in New Orleans, me and a couple of friends of mine just watched Grace talking in a hotel, and we could not stop behaving like monkeys, for about seven hours. I mean, I was, literally, like posession, it was so weird. It was one of the weirdest things we had. We were watching Grace talking to one of these orange chicken-wing and we couldn't stop behaving like monkeys.
I: Something was in the wings I think. Cosmopolis, I really get excited about that. We have already talked a bit about that, I think at the Globe's. Cronenberg... do you know your leading lady yet, I know Marion couldn't do it.
RP: There is, I think. But I don't think I'm allowed to say yet. But I know that Juliette Binoche is in that, and ... It's gonna be crazy hardest. I have a feeling that it's gonna be amazing.
I: Shooting in New York, I presume, after the setting of the film?
RP: I think maybe in Toronto, we intend to shoot all the stuff, in Toronto.
I: But we peeled that is you've read the Don DeLillo book...
RP: Yeah, I mean, I also read the script about 8 months ago, and I said, wow, this is something that hasn't been made in a long time. But I think, Water for Elephant's as well, I mean, I was trying to find that kind of stuff, I mean, the point is, so much, generic, everything's the same, we tried to attempt to do something different.
I: That's certain that's the refreshing thing, when I walked out of the theater and say, okay, you don't see, like, you see this stuff once every five years, or something. That kind of big, old-fashioned.
RP: And also not even things, that are now, so, I mean there's no CG in it, or I mean, apart from CG you can't even tell – I don't know the parts that was CG, when I was watching. I just can't understand how unknown it got.
I: I was worried for you, you got scared of the animals?
RP: Tons. Like, loads and loads, I don't know what that... even Reese... the horse stepped on Reese's leg, like, full power, when she was lying on the floor, and nothing happened to her. I was, like, how is that possible?
I: She's invulnerable.
RP: I don't know, is she? I mean, she didn't say anything, I mean, I cried for her.
I: Robert, I particularly wanna hit you with, that's been talked about the last couple of days, David Slate (van ilyen?) signed on for Daredevil, there was talk that they may want you. Is there any truth of the rumours of that?
RP: Daredevil is the Ben Affleck movie?
I: Yeah, they're doing a sequel-slash reboot of it.
RP: That's the weirdest I've come upon for years. David Slate's playing in it. I know he should play, he's a bull guy.
I: Bullseye.
RP: Yeah, bullseye.
I: If you play ??? (jó lenne ismerni az amerikai akciófilm-piacot) he plays bullseye... The superhero things... can you imagine yourself suiting up in tights and doing something that's in some way, special?
RP: I'd love that, definitely, I mean, what superhero I could do? There are a couple, there's one... I shouldn't even say this stuff, because there are the fan boys, and they'll, like, „No! I'm gonna shoot him! If he plays that...”
I: Come on, you have to say something, what was it? You can say.
RP: I'm trying to... (egy szavát sem értem, elröhögi a lényeget...) I'm such a big fan.
I: Are you still attached to... (ezt is jó lenne tudni, aki nincs képben Rob leendő projektjeivel kapcsolatban, az ebből a gyökér hadarásból nem fogja tudni kivenni a lényeget) is it gonna happen at some point some day?
RP: I don't know, I mean, still Madeleine is on a... she's gonna do a movie or a TV-show as well... I don't know.
I: And one thing around the Vanity Fair-story? Writing script? Are you writing something based on... is that true?
RP: I can't, I have... it's sort of ... involved. I'm trying to write something else as well. But they're all top secret.
I: Directing ambition too, or just?
RP: Yeah, I mean, I've gotta get a little bit more respect first.
I: You've got respect, don't worry. I know you can't say much more about Breaking Dawn, people wanna know about... you know, you're working with Mackenzie (McKenzie? Ki a frász ez?) as little Esme. So have you, guys, is Kristen bonded with Mackenzie?
RP: Yeah, Mackenzie is really great, she's really cool, really smart. She's, I don't know, she's making money from us swearing around her. I mean, I do it by accident, and especially Kristen does it by accident. So she's like, oh, ouch, ah, I can't stop doing about it, and she just waits there like that (kinyújtja a kezét).
I: She's making good money of you swearing?
RP: Yeah, but... she's a really great actress, she's really sweet. And she has to do a hard part, she's doing, well, some special effect stuff, so she's like, playing, like a baby. Some of the stuff are so... I mean, there are very strange things in Breaking Dawn.
I: There is something about that... the lullaby you'd be singing.
RP: I don't know where that came up from. But I did play some piano. I'm not sure that hits particularly.
I: I like that already. No singing.
RP: I haven't played piano for years and I'm playing that, like, ten seconds. Kind of approximated.
I: Bill ??? is bringing something special, it sounds like.
RP: Yeah, he's great, it's going to be very different, it's like a horror movie.
I: So, is music still a big part of your life, I know, we've talked before, are you trying to do on the guitar most days, every day, once a week, or what?
RP: I just learned how to play the cello, that's quite fun. The guitar, I haven't really been playing a lot, I really once like doing gits again, but, I'm not really sure how to go about that, my friend all started touring again, so I'm kind of, like never happened.
I: One day, you'll get back. I think we have a bunch of Twitter questions, I know, I mean, we've been trying to fit you in Twitter questions, but there's come so many we can't fit them all in (ehhez képest a faszi kérdezgetett végig gyökérségeket, ehh, mindegy...), but we'll do a rapid fire-thing, so we'll do a bunch of quick questions, you can keep your answers short, so, here we go, rapid fire Twitter questions, we're starting with the solemn „What song artist would people be surprised to find in your i-pod?”
RP: Um, I don't know, I mean, I don't really know how people would (elneveti).
I: You said once you'd be a rapper once, just like Jay-Z...
RP: Oh, that was in Time, I mean, I'm like, really, really into rap stuff, I mean, from a certain period. Probably Wu Tang (Wu Tang Clan – a ford.), but I mean, like from ninety-three, or ninety-four to ninety-nine. After that point, I don't like any of it.
I: You sold out. So, which do you like to handle, Blackberry, or i-phone?
RP: I-phone, because it's got a, words with friends. I like waiting to see it.
I: Which is your favourite song to sing when doing karaoke?
RP: Bump and grind or Pop grind.
I: You can put that on the internet... Do you like Glee?
RP: I've never seen it.
I: We'll get you a DVD
RP: But people've been telling me, I mean, people, I wouldn't have expected, are big fans of it, like, ??? (innen talán egy név hiányzik) you get a box set, and I'm like... really?
I: People like it?
RP: Yeah, I mean, it's a bit lyrical.
I: This one would ask Rob's favourite city.
RP: In America, probably Houston.
I: Really?
RP: Yeah, I love Houston.
I: Why Houston?
RP: It's just... I don't know, I had a really good time there. Like, Houston, or maybe... er... oh, I've got, Philadelphia. But I liked it there.
I: Will you please hold ... (innen is valami név kéne) ? People always ask about this, you know that as well.
RP: Anything, I don't know, like, I mean, ... looks so comfortable, so, I'm like, how are you doing this? Maybe, I was getting nervous for him. I'd probably just die.
I: So, coming full circle, couple of things for Water for elephant, we already talked about the love scenes, but you also dance in this one. Was it enerverating, or are you a natural dancer?
RP: No, not at all. I don't really understand, because, I, like, I've seen that bit, that was a wonder, there was all, there were tons of extras, who really could dance, who were doing well, and Reese is a great dancer, and Reese was constantly taking the ... out of me the whole time when we were doing the rehearsals, as was the dance teacher. Not only was she taking the nick out of me, but Reese could do even such a practice, so, I mean, she practiced with the dance teacher, that was, like, okay, I just watched. So, it's really all right.
I: So, you can handle it.
RP: I don't understand how that happened.
I: The magic of movie making. The last question for you, the time has flown, as I said, you work with two Oscar-winners, so, this is a big film, Francis is a great director, he made so different kinds of movies. What's the ultimate takeaway, will you take away experience from this film and bring to the next one, so, is it the experience, or is it something tangible, or what?
RP: I guess, I mean, we were having such a great time on it... if you have a hard time on movies, the next one, you're really worried, that can be really hard, too, but when you have such a wonderful experience, I mean, like, no matter what happens, this could happen again, if you keep doing movies. It makes you feel easier about everything. It's not at all stressful, every single day, I was just like, ... ahhh. You wake up to an elephant bringing you some coffee. Literally, I want that either.
I: Congratulations, again, honestly, I think you've never been better, this is a really fine piece of work and I'm glad to see you're taking off to that.
RP: Thank you very much.
I: It's always a pleasure, Rob. See you at the junket, see you at the premiere. Robert Pattinson, I want to remind the audience that this entire interview's gonna be on dot com (hát, nagyon köszi szépen...), so they're not gonna forget any of these words, man. Any regrets? Robert Pattinson, thanks again, guys, thanks for joining us, watch all the stuff on mtv.com, see you next time, this's been mtv first: Robert Pattinson.

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