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2011. március 26., szombat

Március 18- i interjú első része angolul


Hey guys, I'm Josh H. here with the man, who needs no introduction, R. P.
JH: How are you my friend?
RP: I'm good, how are you?
JH: Good to see you!
His new film is Water for Elephants, i'v seen it, coming up april 22nd, nice job as always, we've been taking your tweets, you guys are coming fast, 500 tweets in 30 seconds or minutes, something crazy like that
-         RP: We'll answer every single question
-         JH: Every single one, he is with us on-line on mtv and mtv.doc we're gonna come out to you for the next 30 minutes ; before we get to the question Rob, we have an exclusive duty honors
-          This is the first exclusive look at Water for Elephants I hope you enjoy it.
-         Bemutató
-         JH: So Rob, big sweeping love story, love triangle, bestselling book, where your character's name is Jacob, - you've got a specialty
-         RP: I just wanted to show Jacob to...... that's the only reason I did the movie, looked at the name, there was an elephant, name is Jacob, done.
-         JH: What Taylor …
-         RP: Next time i'm doing a movie, I'm called Taylor in it.
-         JH: I've seen the film, congratulations, it's a fine job, and it's you know,looking at it, it's a step for you. This is a big film, a studio film, you're acting with two Oscar winner, Christoph Waltz and the lovely Reese Witherspoon,
-         RP: I've always wanted to say that. I keep thinking that whenever I introduce Reese, I'm like „beautiful, talented Reese Witherspoon” and I always forget, I'm always too embarrassed to say that.
-         JH: No. Just go for it.
-         RP: Cause you never think, oohhh
-         JH: Does it feel like a big step for you, I'm mean what's in your head right now, on the eve of realase, so you're nervous, excited?
-         RP: I wasn't nervous at all, till I started doing interviews about it, so then I realized, I actually did a movie, kind of, it was just really fun when I was doing it, and then I remembered I actually made a movie.
-         JH: Oh, it's a movie.
-         RP: But I mean, I think it's gonna be great, I think it's really beautiful, and it was really fun making it, so hopefully it will reflect in the movie.
-         JH: What was the thing that seales the deal, I mean I know you're a big reader, I think you'd read the book right before...
-         RP: I hadn't, I met the elephant, I met Tai the elephant, and that pretty much sealed it. I met the elephant, and I was thinking about, well, even if this is the worst script or book in the entire planet, there is at least like 75 out of a 100 good reasons for doing it, and then I read the script after it, I loved that period in American history, and yeah, there was a lot of things I liked about it.
-         JH: Did it feel like an overwhelming proposition, cause it is a big film, as I said, kind of old fashioned, kind of has a Titanic vibe a little bit, does it feel like a big film when you're on, or is it just like any other set?
-         RP: Well, I mean, it felt like it was kind of magical, in a lot of ways, cause we were out in the desert, shooting, there is nothing of the modern world around, and that was a different experience for me, there wasn't any studion or anything.
-         JH: I have to call you off Robert, but the good news is we'll countinue on mtv.com for 30 minutes, Mr. P and I are gonna take your questions, keep them coming to us, Rob and I, mtv.com, see you guys in a second.

JH: …for you. It’s a hard year? Okay, if it’s not, that’s okay. You know, is it different working with a nine thousand pound animal?
RP: In this scene I genuinely fell asleep. I was fast asleep and she was asleep as well. For ages. It was my lunchbreak.
JH: You know that Tai is a celebrity and all. She’s worked with like…
RP: She’s been on more magazines than I have. I mean, seriously, like, way more. And on cool stuffs, she’s on the Banksy documentary.
JH: Oh, Banksy, nice.
RP: Yeah, she was the elephant when they had the elephant in the room in the Banksy, the first American show.
JH: I think she also worked with – I think we have a photo here somewhere – with Britney Spears. Did you know that you and Britney worked with the same animal?
RP: I think you can find… almost anything that has an elephant in it, it will be Tai. And all the other elephants, they are all intimidated by her as well. They all come up and you can really see that she’s definetly alpha female. She’s very famous in the elephant community.
JH: She always has hands around her… Are you an animal lover, generally?
RP: Yeah. Most of them. The niches.
JH: I think we have a Twitter question to you, Rob, as I promised, there are a lot of them, so let’s look at this, here we go: so who did you prefer working with, Reese or Tai the elephant? By amymacmillan, Rob? It’s a tough one.
RP: They’re quite similar. No, I mean, they’re both amazing. I liked working with them at the same time. I was just in the Leno talking about the scene when Reese had a scene with Tai, when she went on her back legs, and did the most incredible fart into Reese’s face. Like, directly in the face. And when there is an elephant fart in the face, it’s like being in a hurricane. And Reese just, got that and just continued… and it’s also, like thunderous. And there was everything, like, there were splats on her
JH: Not something like an actor can catch up with. So this is a film, I mean, like animal lovers are gonna enjoy, with this, like amazing, majestic beast. I wanna ask you, I mean, there’s rumour out there about you that you have a dog.
RP: Yes.
JH: Set the records right. Do you have a dog?
RP: I do and just go on. Yeah.
JH: What’s the name of the dog?
RP: It’s called Bear.
JH: Why? Why Bear?
RP: Well, it was called Yogi Bear in the shelter and I felt Yogi was a bit much. It was a forestal thing, like a bear, and I said, Bear got it, and sometimes Yogi.
JH: I want you to continue on Bear in a second, but now I want you to take a look at your co-star in this one, this is Reese Witherspoon, what she had to say about you.
RP: Oh, good.
JH: Let’s take a look.
RW: Robert is like a great guy from a great family and that’s the thing and so, he’s not really a bad boy. He’s just a great guy and he really worked hard on Water for Elephant, he really worked long hours, long days, he looks totally different in the movie. It’s really interesting, one thing I can compare him to is, when like, Leo is in Titanic. It was that kind of (ferver???) about a person, you know, all the women talking about it, it’s the same. It’s unbelievable, how they are all morning waiting just to see, just, glimpse him. And he’s extraordinarily attractive. And I’m not gone a lot. (Not gonna love???)
JH: She’s not… ld fent. Rob.
RP: It’s just that kind of lie.
JH: That’s all the truth.
RP: That’s very sweet.
JH: Would you… Was it at all intimidating working with Reese Witherspoon or she put your ideas?
RP: I mean, before I worked with her I just… you know anyone, who is really famous, or really great, I mean, it’s always slightly intimidating. But she’s got, she has such a nice energy about it, it’s gone in the first couple of seconds.
JH: It seems like, you’ve obviously worked together with a lot of impressing leading ladies, like Kristen Stewart, obviously, Uma Thurman in Bel ami, we haven’t seen that yet, and now Reese. Is there a kind of in common about them, the leading ladies you worked with?
RP: I like… hot girls. I like them, I like being in movies with lots of hot girls.
JH: Why?
RP: No, I mean, they’re all pretty different. They’re all very strong actually, I always end up being in movies with, like, very experienced and passionate people, so never just flimsy-floosies.
JH: Yeah, breaking news, Uma Thurman is a flimsy floosy.
JH: We have another Twitter question here, let’s see, this is, so, Rob, have you met the author of Water for Elephant, Sara Gruen of course, did she give you tips about the character you were playing? Did you meet Sara Gruen, the author?
RP: Yeah… I wonder why they’re called Rob’s Exception? Looks really weird.
JH: Will you find that out… Who are you, Rob’s Exception?
RP: And also the real name is Hermione Granger.
JH: That’s familiar, actually.
RP: And I have a thing coming out of my eyeball.
JH: This is what you could be doing if you were on Twitter, Rob, this is what you’re missing.
RP: What was the question… yeah, I did, she did a scene in the movie. She’s lovely, I mean, she was so amazed by the scope of it, she was so sweet, she was so complimentary about everything, I mean, I hope we did the book justice. She was great, though.
JH: Did you obviously sport a kind of American accent, or like, you can speak Polish, or certainly… can you find yourself in and out of that stuff very easily, can you turn it on oro ff?
RP: In and out fluent Polish?
JH: Yeah, learn an entire language just for this role…
RP: I mean I learned five words in Polish, the elephant commands, which were kneel, open your mouth, smile and pray.
JH: It was the whole?
RP: I used to know them in Polish, I remember pray was modlić się. But I said when she said, do you know any Polish, I mean, at the international press junket, and I said that, this woman just… (keresztbe teszi a lábát).
JH: Sounds like a different movie.
RP: Now that you’re doing the Twilight films, can you just drop the British accent and do the rest of the interview in American speak? Can you do it?
RP (Amerikaiasan): Well, aye an’ all.
JH: Who was that?
RP: That was my deepest American.
JH: I’ve heard you’ve developed than that.
RP: Oh, man. I started… I was doing the scene as working last night on Breaking Dawn, and I couldn’t get out doing Cristopher Walken. And I was doing that scene with Peter ???. And even Peter was like, why are you doing the Cristopher Walken impression? I mean, sometimes I go so utterly, so Bronx-New York, and that is how it happens. Sometimes I say certain vowels, you get a habit that you can’t get out of it. And also it’s you feel cool when you do certain accents. Like, when I was like, New Jersey. It always happened by accident.
JH: You just watch a Jersey show, you can pick up Jersey like that… I think we have another Twitter question, let’s see. So, did he, that’s you, feel awkward doing lovescenes with Reese? Water for Elephant babe. That’s the location.
RP: Which is twibabe underneath. You can’t fool me.
JH: So, are you always awkward doing lovescenes, I mean, you’re a thraw at this poise. I mean, Breaking Dawn, Bel ami, this one…
RP: The love scene in this was… I was doing it when I had a really bad cold, I mean, generally I’m not awkward doing stuff, like when I got my belly coming out, but my nose was running out all over the place, and Reese… it was one of the additional photography scenes, and Reese had this wig on, I was like, literally wiping my nose on her wig, we were doing very passionate love scenes, like (szívja az orrát), it was so stupid… but… I’m not getting that awkward any more.
JH: Did Bel ami get that out, because I know we talked about that a few times ago, you mentioned it, like I think the point was we’re gonna see a lot about your crack in that one, so, did you put everything out there and say, okay, now I’m cool about anything?
RP: It always depends, I mean, you’ve got to really know what you’re really doing. And it’s obviously a love scene, it’s always quite difficult. The one on Breaking Dawn is pretty funny.

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