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2011. március 26., szombat

Március 18-i interjú következő tizenkét perce angolul

RP: It always depends, I mean, you’ve got to really know what you’re really doing. And it’s obviously a love scene, it’s always quite difficult. The one on Breaking Dawn is pretty funny.
JH: Funny? Is that the word we’re looking for?
RP: But in this, the scene was pretty easy.
JH: Obviously, you know that this film takes place in the thirties, the Great Depression. It’s cool, I think for an actor to get tied in another period, in another world. Did you take to it immediately, what was the process, you got tied in the ’30-s?
RP: I always liked the period, I like it because that period in American history is, kind of, that’s how I see America, from a foreign perspective, it’s kind of the end of the Wild West and the trains are coming in and after that, you get like, ??? and there’s a wide pick of fancies and there’s World War II and that’s it. But the energy of it, it’s like people were still cowboys, and there was an enormous amount of energy in the country, even though there was the Depression.
JH: It’s like watching classic Americana, when I was watching these films, like when I was watching Titanic, it’s like the oldschool filmmaking, just like classical filmmaking.

RP: I don't know why that period is so... it's sort of star? to people, I don't know, why. But I love that period, and I just felt my body shaking and stuff, it fits into that period more, like, when I was looking at the Gary Cooper movies and stuff, and I said, I'd kind of, do that.
JH: You have also a much more clean cutwork in this film compared to what we've seen before. You know, we've been watching your works over very closely, so as I looked, particularly the hair. So we might wanna take a look back at the hair of Robert Pattinson. Are you ready?
RP: Yeah.
JH: Let's do it. Let's take a look.
?: As Robert Pattinson's carreer approaches today, let's take a look back at Rob's companion, that accompanied him to superstardom. His hair. Back in 2007 and before the Twilight films, Rob's hair must have known it was heading to the woods of the Northwest. As we've seen with this style, the wavy forest. In 2008 the world first saw Rob as Edward Cullen. What his hair wanted in on the vampire look at no. 2, as we see here, the Cullen poof. Already an English star in 2009, Rob's hair was going in a wind-swept headgrubber (???), we call it the windswept what the f---. In 2010 with his dramatic turn in Remember Me, Rob's hair decided to shed some of his vampire for a slightly more casual look, the controlled chaos. But now, in 2011, behold the hair as in the newest and most crisp look today, the clean and cut, but hold the shave.
JH: I confess that my favourite is the windswept one.
RP: I always liked the one... what was that, the forest thing, that was set, I think that was the premiere of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And I was basically unemployable at that point. I walked down Hollywood Boulevard to the grounds and I had to walk through to the crowds, and I was walking like, my hair hidden, I was so different than. And I was so hungover and I was so bloated and some of the photos are so funny, literally it looks like someone's just found a homeless person and put him there.
JH: Let's find those photos right now.
RP: There's so many of them. I was so confused and it was so hot and I was like, you want to go to the red carpet and I was „Huh?” just walking down. It was so ridiculous.
JH: And I want you to know that we've talked to Ashley Green just a couple of days ago, and we asked like, what's the one question that she's ask you and she said: ask Rob what his shampoo is.
RP: It's.. dog shampoo. No, I mean, really, I don't know. I just have whatever's around. Shampoo means a lot, actually, I don't wanna do anything about. (elhadarja, passz...)
JH: Right, right. There was a story I read in like, a couple of years research for you, Rob. Tell me this is true or not, that you had some time with Justin Bieber (ezt mennyit kerestem, hogy ki a tököm ez, te jó ég...), and you compared kind of hairstyles, and talked over hairstyles.
RP: I don't know that guy, I saw this thing and I mean, I saw that as well. Like, you're already famous, so what are you doing, no need to make up stories. I'd like to see one that Bieber.
JH: In a way, you're gonna be there. (szóvicc, Bieber-be there) What do you think?
RP: Bieber hat.
JH: Like a Bieber sculped-hat?
RP: I already felt like I had one on at the... ???
JH: Right, and we've found out that there were these fangs.
RP: I know it, right.
JH: That's crazy.
RP: I think there was originally that. I have one of those.
JH: Speaking of stlye, we found out something very recently, it's my personal favourite, let's take a look at this... there you are, Rob.
RP: I've already seen that today, so...
JH: In case you guys can't see, this is Rob wearing an MTV jacket, it's up here, I think it was in Vancouver when we saw this and people came to me, like, „You gave Rob a jacket”, like I did. No, so, what happened here, where did this come from?
RP: It's the coolest jacket, it's a Van Halen jacket. I can't remember how I managed to find it, but, now I know, someone sent me a lot of stuff and I was like, huh, wow. It's kind of embarrassing there, it looks like, I'm doing it on purpose, like, the jacket.
JH: I get it, we all get it, you have that, it's cool, if you need sweaters, just talk to me, I can get you what you need.
RP: I will need a favourite tattoo.
JH: An MTV tattoo, or just my face. MTV goes way according to you, obviously, we've talked to you for years, and I just want to take a look back at the very first MTV interview with you, I just wanna get a sense of, when you look at this, tell me, what's going on in your head, when you see this.
RP: Well, the first one, I do over Harry Potter?
JH: No, we don't take that hard, this is the first Twilight interview. Let's take a look at Rob way back then.
JH: We were debating whether Edward and Bella would French kiss?
RP: More of a... Chilean, a Chilean kiss.
KS: What's that?
RP: This wasn't funny? No, we don't kiss, I just try to kill her all the time.
KS: And I love that. She's a total sort of a mazochist.
RP: She's very kiddy, very tame, she's very sweet.
KS: It's like we were testing each other's limits.
RP: The way of tension, into, like, hell. Like, all kisses do.
JH: That's amazing. A vintage video.
RP: Well, it was...
JH: Larry, my assistant to Carol..
RP: That was funny, we did that every Tuesday.
JH: The Twilight-Tuesday?
RP: That's crazy, that was so crazy. Did I have another movie?
JH: No. There's only the Twilight-films for you. I mean, we did Tuesday, or any day of the week for special things.
RP: That was indeed crazy, there were days of the Twilight with around 16 different camera crews and before, I was like, taken once a year, and then it was, what's going on, why is that so... now I already know this.
JH: Tell me, what was it like, the guy, did he have a clue of what was to come, or was he just like...
RP: Who, Larry? He doesn't have a clue.
JH: No, you, so, did you have an idea, what could potentially get out of the thing if you think back then?
RP: I was just idle, I dont't know, really, it was like, I never knew what's happening.
JH: You're talking to me, sitting down...
RP: All through the Twilight years, I never knew what to talk about Twilight, I was trying to be funny all the time and that's it.
JH: What should be funny, I'd like to know that.
RP: Tuesday I was on Leno, I should have written stuff for that.
JH: We have another Twitter question as I promised, we're trying to show as many as we can, here's one, from PeaceLoveBewley. If you could go back in time to before Twilight mania, if you knew how huge it would be, would you do anything different?
RP: Is this Charlie, who is asking?
JH: It's Hayley David slash who is asking.
RP: Would I do anything different... I would have worn another suit before the first Twilight-premiere. It was too small. Bigger grip. And when I look at it now, I know I was also a bit nervous, I had a couple of things before, I look like an old alcoholic.
JH: You were preparing for the role. If that's your biggest regret, that's not so bad.
RP: I think I probably had another ones. That's the one I saw that picture for some reason and I just, whoo.
JH: Obviously, the main thing now is Water for Elephant, which is a departure, or a kind of growth for you I think. You've said before that – you know, we have, like, she's born to be an actress, super-ambitious, as you, maybe once weren't so. And I just... quite fun for me, are you definetly one for ambition, have you, kind of, like, coming into your own as an actor, kind of, hungry for it? Or are you still searching for that?
RP: Yeah, I mean, I've always thought that I don't want to, I'm not for the sake of acting, I'm not doing, kind of, cool stuff and I don't want to be in front of people, I mean, I don't even, like, when I'm picture-taking. It, kind of, defies the object. I don't want to end up making movies that I don't want to see. I always try to go for that, and you've gotta go through a lot of different things to get to that level. Also, you never know if a movie is going to be a movie that you want to see. And also, I just, kind of, I don't know, I don't think, when you're already wanting to act, what that feeling is, it's like, „I wanna act!” „So, like, what do you want to do?” „I just want to read someone else's lines out, just have somebody film me saying something.” It's really weird.
JH: As you've worked with her so much, have you talked to Kristen about, like her approach, versus your approach? Like, have you learned from her...
RP: Yeah, we have different ways of thinking. I like the, kind of, cerbro-aspect of things, and she has a kind of, immediate emotional response, every single time, like, she could be threwn by something someone says. She notices much more about people, as I just want to see the meaning of something. She's like, more into people, I'm like, I don't know what it means, I want to understand it, I can't do it before I understand it. She's like, „why can't you understand, this is obvious.” I say, just explain it, and she's like, „I can't explain it, it is obvious.” She's sometimes, like „I know, you just don't know, you shouldn't be an actor.”
JH: Okay, let's move on to happier subjects. So, Bel ami, you've already talked a bit about that before, have you seen a footage of it, do we know when this is hitting theatres at all?
RP: I see, it's being edited and re-edited, and they changed up four times, I don't know, when it's gonna be out. This is such a strange story, and people are, like, wow, he's not a very nice character. You know, that's the whole point, he's the bad guy...

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